Volusion vs BigCommerce

In a hurry and just need an answer? Overall, BigCommerce is a better choice.
Overall Rating
Speed & Performance
Customer Support
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Volusion Highlights
  • Intuitive backend dashboard with large colorful icons and on-screen tutorials
  • 24/7 customer support available via live chat and phone
  • Excellent SEO and site maintenance tools
  • 14-day free trial
About Volusion

Volusion is probably among the easiest eCommerce solutions you will ever have the pleasure of using. Their stunning dashboard is simple to use, so you can easily navigate the backend even if you’re a beginner with no experience. They have large colorful icons to identify the various navigation tabs, allowing you to easily go from one section of the backend to another without too much difficulty. Along with being super easy to use, Volusion has excellent SEO tools to help you rank higher in search engines. They even provide 24/7 support via various support channels, making them among the best eCommerce solutions for beginners currently available online.

Overall Rating
Speed & Performance
Customer Support
Functionality & Features
Themes & Templates
Plugins & Apps
Pricing & Fees
BigCommerce Highlights
  • Sell on your own website and on Facebook, eBay, Amazon and Pinterest
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Superior SEO benefits
About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another excellent platform that you won’t want to miss out on. One of their strongest aspects if search engine optimization (SEO) - you can expect to see high quality SEO tools and functions all over BigCommerce. While they specialize in SEO efforts, they also deliver a beautiful dashboard, which is relatively easy to use even if you’ve never built an online shop in the past. BigCommerce has great customer support, decent pricing and a ton of performance optimizations in place so you can experience fast loading web pages with powerful features. Overall, BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform that allows you to easily build a beautiful online store.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve been searching for eCommerce solutions that allow you to easily build an online store. Getting started with an online shop is an incredible idea, as it’s one of the few legitimate ways to actually make a great income from the internet. However, finding the best eCommerce platform for your needs isn’t always as easy as it seems.

We’re going to be comparing two of the leading eCommerce solutions currently available online, so you can easily pick between the two. Volusion and BigCommerce are among the very popular solutions when it comes to launching online stores. They keep things simple so you even beginners with no coding experience can build beautiful shops, whilst also providing advanced features so experience webmasters can enjoy all of the perks.

In order to find out which tool is the best for your needs, simply keep reading this comparison. We’re going to provide you with all of the information you need in order to know which tool between Volusion and BigCommerce is the better option for your online business.

Volusion and BigCommerce Compared

Both Volusion and BigCommerce are powerful eCommerce platforms that make it easy for you to build an online store even if you’re a beginner. They are both very geared towards delivering quality SEO benefits and they both have easy to use dashboards. So which eCommerce solution is the best for your needs? We’ve compared them in more depth in order to help you resolve this issue. Continue reading our comparison of Volusion and BigCommerce to determine the best eCommerce solution for your needs without any further delay.

Technical Comparison

Volusion and BigCommerce are two very powerful platforms that deliver incredible performance. First let’s take a look at site loading speed - the amount of time it takes to load your web pages is of utmost importance. Fortunately, Volusion and BigCommerce both have numerous optimizations in place in order to deliver fast loading websites. However, BigCommerce has much faster loading pages between the two of them, making it the better option for users who do not want to spend a lot of time performing additional speed optimizations - right from the start BigCommerce delivers web pages that can load in under 2 seconds, whereas Volusion will require a bit of work on your behalf in order to reach those kinds of numbers.

Incident frequency is slightly better at Volusion, but BigCommerce hasn’t had many recent incidents either, making them both very stable platforms. As far as the uptime is concerned, both platforms have similar results and provide very reasonable uptime scores, ensuring two platforms that provide excellent stability. Overall, BigCommerce has better optimizations, but both platforms are highly stable.

Customer Support

Before committing to an eCommerce solution, you’ll want to make sure that their support team is adequate. You’ll want to be able to easily contact their support agents any time you need assistance. Fortunately, both Volusion and BigCommerce have incredibly friendly agents who have tons of knowledge about their platforms. It’s easy for you to gather information about their tools, but the true question is whether they are quick as providing you with assistance when you run into pressing issues. Volusion provides you with phone and live chat support which is quick fast at responding to inquiries. BigCommerce is even better with live chat, phone and email support and they tend to be a tad bit quicker at providing solutions. Overall, both of these platforms offer amazing customer support, but BigCommerce has the slight upper hand with more support channels and faster response times on average.


The amount of high quality features an eCommerce platform has is important if you want to truly have a positive experience. With more features you will be able to experience way more functionalities. We compared the features of Volusion and BigCommerce side by side in order to help you make up your mind. This is usually where most buyers make their decision on a platform, so this section may very well be the most important part of our comparison.

To kick things off, we want to talk about Volusion. This eCommerce platform is loaded with powerful tools which have a strong SEO presence. This means they make sure that most of their features bring you search engine optimization benefits. Their responsive themes with rich text editors allow you to enjoy great simplicity when trying to upload new content or when creating it from scratch. Volusion makes it easy for you to add image sliders, upload a favicon, generate barcodes, provide different shipping options, import products via CSV and much more. Overall, Volusion is a powerful eCommerce solution that brings you a massive amount of tools to help grow your online business.

BigCommerce is also a very powerful eCommerce website builder loaded with a massive amount of features. They too have a strong SEO aspect such as better structured URLs and the ability to easily add meta descriptions for search engine display. Adding and fulfilling orders is a piece of cake and so is managing your inventory. Whether you want to drop ship or even if you’re selling digital downloads, BigCommerce is a powerful tool that you’re going to love.

Overall, Volusion and BigCommerce are very similar when it comes to features. You can’t go wrong with either one of them, but one thing it clear - both of these eCommerce solutions are for people seeking solid SEO.


Designing your website isn’t easy, fortunately, most eCommerce solutions come with simple drag and drop website building technology. That’s the case with Volusion and BigCommerce. However, you will still need to be heavily dependent on themes to help design your website. Both of these platforms have free themes, but the quality of their free themes aren’t quite impressive. This will leave you wanting to use premium themes. Fortunately, both platforms have good premium themes, but Volusion really stands out in terms of quality. The quality of their paid themes are much better than the paid themes at BigCommerce, making it the ideal choice if you don’t feel like performing any deep customizations and just want to rely on the themes as is.


Affordability is incredibly important when comparing two eCommerce platforms. You want to be able to afford the eCommerce platform without it digging too deep into your profits. This will make it much easier for you to be able to grow a profitable business. Volusion and BigCommerce are not the most affordable platforms on the market, but they aren’t the most expensive ones either. Both of them have no transaction fees, but you will have to upgrade your pricing plans as you sell more products, causing you to spend more as you sell more. The one major difference is in the “other” fees department - this includes the cost of themes, plugins and any additional fees that may pop up. Volusion seems to be the cheaper option throughout. For instance, themes at BigCommerce can reach as high as two times more than the price of themes at Volusion. Overall, they are similarly priced, but Volusion may end up saving you a bit of money in the long run, especially if you need a ton of plugins.

The Final Verdict: Volusion or BigCommerce

In the end, the decision should be much easier to make. Volusion and BigCommerce are two very similar platforms, but their minor differences will make it easier for you to choose between the two of them. BigCommerce has a stronger SEO aspect, but Volusion is also very powerful when it comes to SEO integrations. Overall, if you’re looking for the strongest SEO benefits possible, you’d be better off going with BigCommerce.

Designing your online store will prove to be quick simple with either two that you choose. However, Volusion seems to have much better quality themes, especially when you use premium paid themes. BigCommerce specializes in performance and SEO techniques, but they aren’t are solid when it comes to designing your website. In order to achieve really stunning sites with BigCommerce, you may need to edit some of the code.

Customer support is another huge issue you should consider. With Volusion, you only gain access to phone and live chat support channels, but with BigCommerce you get more support channels: live chat, phone and email. This frees up their support channels, thus providing you with much speedier responses.

Overall, BigCommerce is better suited for intermediate webmasters willing to put in a bit of effort, but are seeking excellent SEO benefits. Volusion is also a great tool for intermediates, but is better suited for those who want more of a “plug and play” experience without the need to make numerous modifications.

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