Top Email Validation & Verification Tools

The email validation and verification tools will help to identify invalid emails and verify potential customers

Why Should One Verify?

One good reason for using an email validation or verification service is so companies can achieve the best results from their mailing campaigns. Having a high bounce rate on their email campaigns can damage the reputation of the sender.

Research shows that, in a year, more than 20 percent of all email addresses are found to have become invalid. This means that even if a vendor has acquired a list of 100,000 validated email addresses previously, it is highly possible that 20,000 of those email addresses will become inactive or invalid within at least a year. A validation service could be thought of as a quality control employee who is tasked to validate the email addresses that a business has or new ones that they acquire.

Another reason for validating or verifying is to have a good rate of return on investment in email marketing campaigns. An effective campaign can drive up revenues by as much as 4300%. For those who want their earnings to skyrocket, this is a considerably attractive figure to consider. Again, sales conversion will only be possible when the email addresses that are used are valid.

Recommended Services:

  • API integration
  • Great in terms of dataset checking speed
  • Responsive customer support
  • Enhance emails by adding valuable metadata
  • Very detailed and structured information returned

What is an Email Validation & Verification Service?

Email validation or verification is the process used by digital marketers to check if an email address is valid even without having to actually send a test email.

By using this service, the vendor can ensure that fake sign-ups using invalid email addresses will be prevented. It also helps reduce the bounce rates that the vendor can get from their email campaigns. Their marketing messages are received by more of their target customers becasue they are given email addresses that have been validated as legitimate.

How Does It Work?

There are three steps in the validation/verification process, all of which work in just a matter of seconds:

  • Checking the syntax and formatting of the email address – in this step, the service provider instantly checks the email address and compares it with the standard and provider-specific format requirements. When done manually using complex formatting rules, this task can be too tedious. By automating the email address check, any issues are identified within a matter of seconds. Errors such as missing @ symbols or invalid characters are detected from the very start.
  • Domain confirmation – after the format of each address is validated, the DNS records are then checked, making sure that it is indeed valid, active, and can receive mail.
  • Validating the mailbox – just like in the real world, emails addresses also need a mailbox. This is where the person will receive the message. This is done by using SMTP protocols to reach the mail server and verify that the messge is delivered and received for that inbox.

The Best Email Validation Tools On The Market

Are you searching for the best email validation tools on the market? If so, you have come to the right place. Email validation or verification isn't a new term for anyone involved in email marketing. If you have a growing email list with low open and click-through rates, you should consider cleaning your list.

People make many mistakes when opting for your email list. For example, they may make spelling mistakes when providing the address or simply provide an invalid email address. That's why you need a quality email validation tool to clean your list and get rid of invalid addresses. A useful verification tool will scan your email list and use a wide variety of checks to get rid of invalid and dangerous email addresses. You will have a highly responsive list after the validation is done. This is important to increase your conversions and take the business to the next level.

With a host of email verification tools on the market, choosing the right tool isn't easy. The right tool should integrate with the email marketing tools you use, have the features you are looking for, and fit your budget. If you have a massive email list and want to validate emails on an ongoing basis, you should look for a tool that directly integrates with your email provider. The right tool will have many API integrations available to suit different email marketing tools out there. Your research plays an important part when choosing the best email validation tool for your business. Here are 10 of the best email validation tools on the market for you to choose from.


Bounceless is one of the best email verification software systems on the market today. It helps clean out mailing lists of any size. The tool will filter out invalid, dangerous, unverified, and inaccurate emails and leave the user with a highly responsive clean email list. If your business relies on sending emails as part of your marketing strategy, you should invest in this software system. This software guarantees a 95% deliverability rate and brings down your bounce rate ten times lower than the average bounce rate. The best thing about this software is the company promises 99.9% uptime.

Features And Benefits

  • API integration
  • Real-time email verification
  • Easily bypass spam filters
  • The company guarantees 99.9% uptime
  • Third-party integration possible with AWeber, MailChimp, and Sendgrid


  • You pay only for what you consume
  • You can integrate via API
  • 99.9% uptime


  • The help section has very few articles that are not well-written
  • Expensive

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This software was launched in 2014 and currently has over 100,000 clients. The software offers single email verifications as well as bulk email lists. It will validate your email list and remove duplicate/invalid emails and syntax errors. The software will also check if emails have been blacklisted and whether the domains are alive. The software promises a 99.9% deliverability rate. It can verify millions of emails from a wide variety of sources such as registration forms, lead & contact forms, CRMs, and more.

Features And Benefits

  • Integrates with popular email marketing tools and help desk software
  • All accounts have 1,000 API verifications free every month
  • This tool is developer-friendly
  • Instant bounce analysis feature


  • A high-speed and thorough email validation tool
  • Simple drag and drop operation
  • Keeps records of previous jobs for comparison


  • Some clients complain of a 15% bounce rate
  • Expensive

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Xverify is a real-time email verification service on the market today. They can verify even phone and address data as no other software does. The tool will immediately identify non-secure email accounts - allowing the user to filter out a potential fraudulent, chargeback, and disposable email accounts. This lets you improve deliverability as well as your email marketing campaign. You only need to enter the contact list data into the Xverify dashboard. The tool will highlight all the errors in real-time. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can use this software by uploading your lists via web uploader or FTP.

Features And Benefits

  • Specialize in real-time email list cleaning
  • Can check email addresses in milliseconds
  • Reduce spam complaints
  • Minimize fraud in one check


  • Fast scan
  • Javascript plugin and API implementations available
  • Great support team
  • Real-time verification


  • No free trial available

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EmailListVerify is a popular email validation tool used by some of the biggest names in the industry. Some of their clients include Shopify, Rackspace, and MailChimp. The software has been able to scan over 5-billion email addresses up to now. The software will perform a wide variety of checks to remove invalid email addresses. This tool also checks syntax errors, spam traps, and emails that have hard bounce rates. The software performs bulk email verification with API integration.

Features And Benefits

  • Spam blocker
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting
  • A 99% deliverability rate
  • Add the API to registration, opt-in and contact forms on your site to get rid of invalid and dangerous emails
  • Integrates with major email platforms


  • Batch API service and the reports are handy
  • Great support team
  • Improves deliverability and email reputation


  • Doesn't recognize already uploaded contacts
  • Difficult to find what an error means at times

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ZeroBounce is another great email validation tool used by major corporations such as Allstate, TripAdvisor, and Comodo. The tool offers numerous integrations and multiple verification processes. This software will check for spam traps and remove fake and misspelled email addresses from your list. Bulk list verification is possible by uploading your entire email list for processing. The software also does single email verifications. You can integrate the verification API of the tool to your forms and prevent bad emails from being added to your list. The tool integrates with some of the most popular email providers and services on the market.

Features And Benefits

  • Disposable email detection
  • Spam trap detection
  • Email abuse detection
  • Catch-all domain detection
  • Social append
  • Email gender append
  • Toxic domain detection


  • Manages emails by separating spam from client response
  • Support response time is speedy
  • Great and user-friendly dashboard


  • Some of the functionality feels a little unnecessary
  • Little messy with a lot to do when settings things up

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Pabbly allows for real-time email verifications. The software will enable you to easily reach your customer base by sending campaigns to valid email IDs. That way, you will increase your conversions and profits over time. The software helps identify corrupt, invalid, dangerous, and fake email addresses from your list. It will then freshen up your list quickly. That's why you need to invest in this email verification software right now.

Features And Benefits

  • Syntax eliminator
  • Minimizes bouncing and improves the responsiveness of your list
  • Domain confirmation
  • All the emails matching the Database of complaints are removed
  • Email de-duplication
  • Spam-trap removal
  • Risk validation
  • Anti-greylisting
  • Full support


  • Easy integration with multiple other third-party software systems
  • A fast and reliable service that helps save your domain reputation
  • Good customer support


  • Expensive
  • Doesn't offer a free trial

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QuickEmailVerification is considered to be one of the most affordable email validation lists on the market today. It uses the Rest API to offer real-time email validation and list cleaning. You don't have to download or install any software on your computer to use this service. This software accepts a wide variety of file formats such as .xls, .xlsv, .ods and .csv.

Features And Benefits

  • The software will verify up to 100,000 email addresses within one hour
  • They offer 24/7 customer support - via phone, email, and chat - if you have issues with the software
  • You can verify 100 emails for free each day by signing up for the service
  • Free tools such as SPF analyzer, DKIM analyzer, and DMARC analyzer are available for your use


  • Spam keywords detection
  • Real-time verifications
  • SMTP testing of user inbox existence


  • Live chat support not available most of the time
  • No physical address listed on their website

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Hunter is more of an email finder software than a validation tool. It's designed to validate only professional email accounts. If you want to acquire high-quality leads, you should invest in this software system. The system claims that over 95% of deliverable addresses won't bounce. It's not for bulk email validation, but it is excellent for validating professional emails for quality leads.

Features And Benefits

  • Provides services such as domain verifier and email finder - which aids in generating quality leads
  • You can share subscription plans with team members at no additional cost
  • You don't have to download or install the software to use it
  • Use Hunter's browser extension to find emails
  • Can verify only 10,000 emails at once


  • Offers a Chrome extension to find contacts
  • Suggests contacts within an organization
  • Free 100 email verifications every month


  • Can't verify accounts other than professional email accounts
  • Sometimes the emails cant be verified

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Snov is a multifunctional email marketing software system that offers an email checker instrument. You can clear an email list within minutes with the help of this software. It provides an accuracy of at least 98%. Bulk and single email verifications are possible with this tool. The tool has a 7-step verification process for high efficiency. You can up to 100 free email verifications by signing up with the service.

Features And Benefits

  • Email finder
  • Domain search
  • Social URL search
  • Company profile search
  • Extension search
  • Emails from names
  • Linker
  • Email verifier API


  • Find contacts by domain with Domain Email Search
  • Clean your email list within minutes with email checker
  • Email tracker for Gmail


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Credits expire too fast

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Kickbox is the most accurate, secure, and trusted email verification service on the market today. Fortune 500 companies across the globe trust the service. It verifies the deliverability and quality of an email list in real-time. The software will help increase the sender's reputation as well as increase email ROI over time. The tool also provides a seamless API or CRM integrations for your convenience. It's pretty easy to integrate the software and get started. The interface is quite appealing, with tons of features. The software tracks pretty much everything you need in your business email. This tool does a great job of detecting disposable emails. That's why you need to invest in this high-quality software right now.

Features And Benefits

  • API integrations with ESPs and marketing tools
  • Easy to use
  • Data transmission security and protection
  • Real-time and fast verification
  • 100% deliverability and accuracy guaranteed
  • Email address analysis beyond validity/invalidity
  • Transparency about the cost structure


  • High level of precision
  • Great interface and panel configuration
  • Real-time email verification


  • Could add a feature to create reports
  • Include a version for Android

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Pricing Guide for Email Verification Tools

Just like any other service that any business avails of, it is necessary to check the pricing of the email verification service company that a business chooses to work with. Various vendors would most likely have similar service packages and pricing schemes, but it is still necesary to get a detailed list for a more accurate comparison.

Some of the cost items that affect the pricing of email verification/validation services are:

Number of email validation passes offered

Getting a lower quote from one company does not mean that it’s a good deal. The reason for the lower quote might be the less ‘passes’ that the email addresses go through.

A service provider that charges higher because he subjects the email addresses to more validation passes would be a better choice. It means that the list is scrutinized more and they are likely to weed out all the duds. The process tends to catch more invalid and inactive addresses with more chekpoints.

More graylisting time

This is the time spent checking if the email address has temporary issues or has to go through slow mail exchangers. What this means is that it checks if email addresses can receive their message without too much delay.

An email address with less issues and faster mail exchangers are preferred, for the obvious reason that the customer/recipient gets the message almost instantly. This is important for time-bound offers and promos. The faster the email is received, the higher is the chance of getting more customers to click on their “Buy Now” button.

Number of validation limits per month

Even if the whole process of email verification can be done in a few seconds, many email verification companies have a limit on the number of email addresses that they can validate per month. The usual range of email addresses that can be checked in a month is between 2 million to 50 million. Those who want a higher limit will have to choose a higher priced plan too.

As budget is a big consideration for any business, especially for smaller businesses, it is necessary to choose a service package that is reasonably priced – affordable but offers good value.

What to Look for in an Email Verification Tool?

Aside from being within budget, the right email validation service provider for any business should also meet a few other basic requirements. Check for assurance on the following:

The validation service should never send an email to any one of the addresses on its client’s list

It is easy enough to validate an email address by sending a message and waiting to see if it goes through. This, however, is not a technique that should be used by legitimate email verification service providers. Such emails could be viewed as intrusive, or pesky at best, by the recipients. Any company does not want to earn a reputation as a spammer.

They have extensive experience and are well-equipped to do the job efficiently and effectively

The process of email verification is not as simple as it seems. With extensive experience doing similar projects for different companies, the service provider would have a better grasp of the validation process. They would also have the necessary software, databases, algorithms, and other tools to conduct a more thorough verification process.

Research on the background and track record of the email validation services providers under consideration. If possible, get recommendations from their previoius clients. It would not hurt for would-be clients to interview the service provider before they decide so they can probe about how the provider intends to meet their requirements and perhaps even negotiate on their service rates.

The company considers data security as highly important

This should come out during the exploratory discussions. But, talk is cheap, as the saying goes. Clients should make sure that it’s not just lip service. It is recommended to check their terms of service and ask to review documents on their data security policies. Clients should look at how all actions (downloads, uploads, reporting, etc.) are secured. Ask about HTTPS or SSL connections and client data storage. This is important to avoid information theft and hacking.

They offer clients the flexibility of choosing from multiple plan options

Like most services today, email validation services would vary depending on several factors. The client should be able to give their own specifications for the validation company to ‘match’ with their service packages. This does not only concern the size of the database that they have to work on and their rate sheet. This also has to do with the kind of validation that the client needs, the types of information that need to be validated, etc.

They have support services available when the clients need them

This does not necessarily mean that a client should demand for 24/7 support facilities. It would be more reasonable for clients to evaluate their own needs and ‘estimate’ the times when they are highly likely to need the service provider’s help. For instance, if the company only operates from 9am to 5pm and none of its employees are around after office hours, a 24 hour hotline would not really be a requirement. It is best for businesses to anticipate their needs and ask for the corresponding support services.

The verification service should be timely

The process of verifying email addresses takes only mere seconds. The client’s specifications will affect the processing time and the completion time of the entire project. The service provider should be able to give a fairly accurate turnaround time within which they can guarantee that they can finish the job. This is especially important for businesses that want real-time email verification so that time-bound messages are sent and received quickly.

The company should not give empty promises

Companies that claim that they can monitor spam traps, for instance, are not being upfront with their clients. There is no guaranteed way to reliably detect and avoid a spam trap, as this can be created on an ad hoc basis. Also, spam traps can only be detected if an email address has already been mailed to.


Email verification or validation tools are indeed useful for any kind of business no matter how long they have been in the industry. Since this service involves entrusting important information to another company, it is important to choose the best one for the job.

If you are searching for the best email validation tool for your business, you don't have to look further than They are one of the most trusted services used by a host of Fortune 500 companies across the globe. The software comes with many essential features to take your email marketing efforts to the next level. The price is quite affordable compared to the many features of the tool. Check out to purchase the tool before it becomes too late.